Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

I walked to work this morning but the winds are picking up and the temperature is dropping, so I think I'll wimp out and take the bus home tonight. I did a double grocery run last night; I filled up my backpack on my walk home, and then took the bus back and filled up again. My kitchen is well stocked now, and there will be no need to go out into the -82 degree winds.

Yesterday I picked up a nice souffle dish at Crate & Barrel. C&B is just a half-block from where I work, so it's easy to pop down there and do some quick shopping.

I think I might pick up some plates on my way home this evening. My current dishes are in sad condition; I got them on the cheap ten years ago and they're all chipped and have cracks now. These simple white ones are well priced and felt durable. Also, they're open stock so I won't have to buy whole sets of them when I really just need some new plates:

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