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I wasn't aware that I had a pet

I've spent the majority of the day so far de-crapping my apartment. I went through everything in the pantry and got rid of old food, excess tupperware, gizmos I don't use, and odds and ends. While I was going through everything I noticed a few little dirts that looked like tiny turds, but I only came across a few, so I didn't think too much of it.

I moved on to the den of crap under the sink, sifting through all the random, miscellaneous cleansing products, shoe polish tins, and additional tupperware (!), throwing out a great deal of it, but also noticing a good many more of the little turds I had first seen on my pantry shelves. When I'd removed everything from beneath the sink, I could see that there is a large hole in the bottom of the cabinet for my sink's pipes, and that there is plenty of space there for a little critter to have easy access to my home. This was also the place where the turds were the most concentrated, so I imagine my little roommate uses this hole as it's primary mode of entry.

I inspected the various boxes and bags of food in my pantry and couldn't find any indication that a feast had taken place; nothing was nibbled into or messed up. I wonder if it came in here hoping to find a decent meal, and when confronted by spelt pasta, jars of pickled beets and brown rice, left in disgust.


(Thank goodness I didn't have to deal with my mouse like gritona had to deal with hers)

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