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Snow blows

Happy Valentines Day!

Also, Happy Anniversary to jkretch and gritona! I believe it was on this day ten years ago that they had their first date. It's amazing how time flies.

Getting to work this morning was awful. I got three blocks from home before I realized that I'd forgotten my French books, so I had to turn around and go back for them (class is tonight). By the time I had walked half of the way to work I was running supremely late, so I decided to try to take the bus for the remainder of the way. I waited for 25 minutes before I gave up on it - public transportation is pretty fucked today with all the snow. I had grown cold from standing still in the wind for so long, and by this point I was beyond late and would never make it to work on time. I walked for about ten minutes through the unshovelled sidewalks before I spotted an empty cab and got to work forty minutes late. I'm light on work this week, so it was no big deal, but I'm still just beginning to warm up and I've been here for an hour, had a mug of coffee, and not taken off my wool coat yet.

Tonight I'm going to view the apartment I was supposed to view last night - the landlord called me yesterday to reschedule due to the snow. I'm excited to see the place. It's in a perfect location and the rent is reasonable. As those are my primary criteria (along with hardwood floors and a relatively quiet location), I am hopeful.

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