Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Green tea

Today I had a cup of green tea instead of my typical morning coffee. It's good stuff.

I used to drink a lot of green tea. When I was a senior in college I even took a Japanese tea ceremony class. It was interesting and far more involved than you would probably imagine; it had a very positive effect on both my art and design skills.
I have a ceremonial tea bowl at home that has not been used in many years. I had to quit drinking caffeinated beverages for a few years due to the migraines they triggered, but after gradually building up a tolerance to coffee by drinking only a sip or two a day and slowly increasing the amount, I am able to have a cup of coffee or a couple cups of tea in the morning if I like. I certainly can't drink the entire pot like I used to, but just the one cup in the morning is all I really want these days.

It's been too long time since I've had the powdered green tea we used in Tea Ceremony class. It's amazing.

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