Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

I went to H&M after work this evening to look for a new bag. None of the women's bags are appropriate for me because they aren't messanger style. I can't do the tiny hand bag thing or the big tote thing that most other women seem to do effortlessly. The bags just fall right off my shoulder. I need something that crosses my body so I can have both of my hands free - without much of a chest to speak of, the across the body style works really well for me. I looked through the men's department but didn't find anything that would suit me. That's alright; I've got an old bag I can use until I find a new one, so I'm in no rush. I picked up a couple new T-shirts while I was there, though, and while I was in the fitting room with the double mirrors I caught a glimpse of how badly damaged my hair is in the back. I couldn't see it before, but I have quite a large amount missing back there.

About four or five months ago a girl at the salon I was going to fried my hair really badly. Every morning when I washed it the drain would get covered by a thick layer of hair, and when I would blow it dry I would see strands fall from my head like snow. It was heartbreaking. Now that the hair is growing back in it's looking pretty damn weird. I've got half of my hair at around 8 or 9 inches long, and the other half at around 3.

This evening it occurred to me that if I cut it all off at 3 inches there would be no damage left - it would all be one length.

I made an appointment with a colorist and a stylist for tomorrow. Depending on their recommendations, my hair may be MUCH shorter by this time tomorrow.

It would be temporary; I would immediately begin growing it back out. I suppose it would take it quite a while to get to the length it's at now, probably a year or so. It's been a LONG time since I've had short hair. That picture was taken six years ago.


For now, I must get off my ass and into the shower - I've got a date with the dancefloor and I'm not going to miss it! If you're going to Neo, I'll see you there ;)

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