Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

I got out of the house around 2pm and wandered around downtown for a while. The city was overwhelmed by people out enjoying the first day of warm spring weather. People walked in groups talking loudly, or they walked alone and talked loudly into their cell phones. I enjoyed the sun and the warmth, but I could do without the herds of loud talkers.

I wandered into the Museum of Contemporary Art and checked out the Rudolf Stingel exhibit. The woman who sold me my ticket was rude, and then as I was viewing the exhibit, a security guard snapped at me because I had inadvertently stepped over a very faint line drawn on the floor in front one of the pieces. I hadn't noticed the line on the ground, but the woman barked at me as though I'd done it just to piss her off.

I don't like art museum security guards. I feel like they're suspicious of me, just waiting for me to try to throw a painting or two in my bag.

Four great things about today:
1. The sun came out and scared away Mr. Snow.
2. I got to wear my scandalously short skirt.
3. I baked a nice loaf of bread.
4. I got to see some good contemporary art.

Four rotten things about today:
1. Too many people walking in loud, uncontrolled herds downtown.
2. Being forced to come home sooner than I wanted to because I had to get the bread in the oven.
3. Not getting out of the house until 2pm.
4. A security guard yelled at me.
Tags: art

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