Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

I am sitting in a room full of boxes. The majority of everything has already been packed, and all the logistics have been taken care of. I handled getting renter's insurance over the phone today during lunch, and I called the moving company to confirm that we're still on for Sunday. And we are. I will leave the odds and ends for tomorrow; cleaning out the fridge, removing the shelf from the wall, and taking down the curtain that hangs in the bedroom window. Tomorrow evening after dinner I can pack the remaining dishes, too.

I found an Illinois State ID on the ground this morning and picked it up. It was a man's ID. Eddie Miller. I felt strange looking at his information, so I just glanced at it. I didn't even look to see how old he was, but he looked about fifty from his photo - he was disheveled and wearing a suit. I looked around but there was no one nearby - no Eddie Miller in sight. I paused for a bit, wondering what to do with the ID. I felt so strange slipping that little piece of plastic into my bag - like a thief, almost. I wondered if Eddie knew he had lost his ID. I wondered if he was worried or thought he maybe had left it in his other pair of pants. When I got off work I walked up State Street to go find the address printed on the ID. I had an envelope with me in case he wasn't home and I had to slip it under a door or into a mailbox. I wondered what sort of a person he was, what he did for a living. I looked at the numbers on the buildings but couldn't find the one I was looking for. I was in a trendy, expensive part of town - the gold coast - right where State and Rush meet. I passed Hugo's Frog Bar and the Grotto... then a bar with outdoor seating. Finally I found the doorway I was searching for. It was the entrance to a flop house, hidden amongst all the trendy bars and restaurants. I opened the door and found myself in a cramped entry way with two other people - a man and a woman, though not together - who were also trying to get in; the door to the lobby was locked and the man on duty wasn't at his window. There was a buzzer, and the woman rang it over and over and banged on the glass door as hard as she could, while grunting and muttering. I asked her if she had been waiting long, and she didn't answer me per se, but seemed to grunt more and spoke some fragments of words. "Mu fuckn gaaah, wu th fuh? shiiiuuuhh. fuh." I wondered how long it would be before the man returned to his window. I thought about going window shopping and stopping back after some time had passed, but decided against it. After about ten minutes the lobby attendant finally returned and buzzed us in. I went up to him and fished the ID out of my bag. "Does Eddie Miller live here? I found this on the ground this morning." He grunted. I slipped it to him through the hole in the plexi glass. The man grunted again and took the ID. "Please make sure he gets it." The man nodded and put it in a mail slot up in the wall. I hope he gets it okay.

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