Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

My family

I went out to the suburbs with O to have easter dinner with my family. It was good to see everyone. My grandmother was there visiting - her birthday is this Saturday and she will be 93.

She is my mother's mother. You can tell they are related because they both have very round faces.

This is my mother. She also has a birthday this week - Friday - and she will be 64.

Here is my father - in the shadows.

And here is O.

O got through the day really well. He seems to relate well to older people, which is nice.

My older brother was there too, but he only came out for dinner, didn't say much, and aside from that he stayed in his room the entire time (he lives there with my parents). When O and I left he was taking a nap, so we couldn't even say goodbye. I would have liked to talk to him a little, but I think he was a little intimidated/shy because of O's presence. I had sort of hoped that he might talk to O a little bit, and that maybe they could one day be friends. But instead my brother showed no interest in our visit and went about his day as if nothing was special about it. "Your older brother is very strange," O told me after we had left. Yes, he is.

It was actually a much more special day than I had even realized. As my father said grace before dinner, he thanked God for 40 "very interesting" years of marriage to my mother. My mother beamed and got teary eyed. It was their anniversary.

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