Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

The state of the apartment

The soirée last night went off well - I got a picture of the cheese plate I threw together before people came over. I had a great time throwing that cheese plate together. It was like playing in a sandbox when I was a kid - I'd make villages with roads and rivers and stuff. This was cheese and crackers instead of sand and twigs, but it was similar. I'm going to put a hill of cheddar here and then a road of crackers that runs down to a pond of dried cherries and candied walnuts...

It's been a LONG time since I last had a soirée

It's too bad I didn't get photos of people, but I was just so happy to see everyone it slipped my mind. It was a squeeze getting ten people in here, but it worked out fine.

My new apartment has just recently begun to feel more home-like. Maybe it was hanging the curtains in the bedroom that helped, or maybe it is the fresh flowers I've been putting all over the place, but it definitely
Feels more homey:

It doesn't yet have the same charm that the shoebox had, but it's bigger and it's getting there.
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