Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

The cicadas haven't emerged here in the city yet, but with today reaching 86 degrees I imagine they won't be staying in the ground for much longer. I read that the cool temperatures have delayed their arrival. Out in the suburbs, away from the cool lake air, they are already up and crawling over everything. My mother tells me they're weighing down the rose bushes and that everything is coated with bugs.

I am tired today. I had nightmares last night to the point where I never completely fell asleep because every time I drifted off I'd be scared out of my mind by some formless, suffocating evil and immediately wake up again. I am exhausted today as a result and have a heavy mood. It's a mood which is the complete antithesis of today's sunny, warm weather.

I don't feel like myself today. I don't like this new me. I liked the old me so much better.


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