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Off to my parent's house I go

Today I'm heading out to spend some time with my parents. I'm taking the train out to the suburbs to meet them at their house in Clarendon Hills, and then we're driving up to Madison, Wisconsin where they have an apartment.

The last time I went to visit them in Madison was on the 4th of July three years ago and I had a good time (typically I visit them at the house in CH). It'll feel great to get out of Chicago for a little while. I love the big city, but I feel like it becomes my universe and it's good to get out and view the rest of the world every now and then.

Yesterday I got a 23" Toshiba LCD television:

I don't watch TV or cable, but I do love to watch foreign films, and in the big room in the new apartment the old TV was too small and far away from where I sit; it's hard to read the subtitles. I mean, it was always a little irritating trying to read off my 13" TV, but at the new place it became a pronounced problem. The new TV? Oh my God. It's such an improvement! I don't have to strain my eyes at all.

I finished my movie (Respire) yesterday. I did all the stop-motion bits and laid down the sound - when it's all cleaned up I'll post a link!
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