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alcippe: me
outfit: Tall boots and leather jacket
makeup: sweat + foundation + mascara + eyeshadow
mood: dissatisfied.
music: None.
taste: Turmeric.
hair: wild.
annoyance: lungs.
smell: curry
should be doing: working on movie project
desktop picture: Berlin statue
favorite artist: William Kentridge, Ann Hamilton, Wesley Kimler
favorite group: Laibach, Feindflug
book: Slammerkin
CD: no CDs - I switched to iPod
movie in VCR/DVD player: Children of Men.
color of toenails: a very pale pink
refreshment: sparkling water
worry: none right now
crush: no need
celebrity: don't care

: last
touched: person? O.
talked to: Woman at the grocery store.
hugged: O.
IMed: Amie at work
kissed: O.
yelled at: I don't yell at people.
Tags: meme

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