Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Things I buy, things on fire

Today I found a little settee for $50. A man hanging out at the White Elephant (resale store where I found it) gave me a hand and we rolled it over to my apartment on a flat dolly. Donald was his name. He lives in low income housing but decorates his apartment like a palace, he told me, with red and gold walls and all sorts of things he has found at resale stores.

The upholstery isn't exactly my first choice, but oh well. It fits perfectly into the space beside the closet, which was my primary concern - it's not too deep and not too wide. Anyone ever re-upholster their furniture? Maybe I should look into it. The piece has a really nice design, it's just too bad it's not green velvet or something. I wish I was good at sewing. Maybe I could become good at sewing, or at least good at creating a green velvet slip cover.

I played with the furniture arrangement in my apartment for a while, and I think it feels better in here now. The big room is more cozy; I never felt comfortable in there before, but now things feel much better.

Later in the afternoon I took the L downtown to buy some more canvases. On my way back I got off at the Red line Grand stop to pick up some things at the grocery store. Unfortunately, it was on fire, so I had to go elsewhere.

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