Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Things I see

I walked around in the rain today, feeling kind of lost, kind of lonely. The airplanes from the Air And Water Show screeched by overhead in their formations.

I saw in through a window at the leather tannery. It smells foul over there, due to all the leather drying.

I saw a spooky butler statue:

And then a wooden Indian statue:

I went up into the Flat Iron building in Wicker Park and ran into one of the artists up there. We spoke at length about all sorts of things. He's had a studio there for years, and though I've seen him around a lot, we've never really talked before. He does abstract work, in the past on canvas, but lately on paper. He was very excited about his new work - he is happier with the way the paint bleeds into the paper.

Then I went back out into the rain and walked some more.

Now I'm at home and the rain is coming down heavier. I'm glad to be inside. I will light candles and paint and eat peaches.
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