Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

My head, the rats

My scalp is swollen such that I look like I am wearing a wig. But my roots are bright white, and that's all that matters. By tomorrow the swelling should be gone and everything will look fine. I had to wear my hair straight today though, to conceal the swelling that is apparent along the top of my forehead and temples. It looks more disturbing than it feels... I don't think I have many nerves on my head.

Last night I sat on the back porch drinking tea and looking out over the neighboring parking lot. Rats were running around down there. They were the size of rabbits, chasing after one another in territorial battle, and at the sound of anything approaching they would suddenly forget their fight and scurry to hide under the cars. I wondered how my neighbors would feel about walking to their vehicles in flip flops if they knew about the aggressive creatures hiding underneath.

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