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Things I see, things I buy

An interesting arrangement.

I bought this shirt today. It is made from other shirts. I wasn't planning on buying any clothes, but it just looked so fun and it's a one-of-a-kind. Plus it looked good on me, so that sealed the deal.

I took a long walk. Picked up my leather jacket from the repair shop; it has brand new pockets, the cuffs are repaired, and the hole in the back where the stitching came undone is sewed up. I stopped in at a used book store and browsed through a bunch of books. I stopped in at a nail salon and got my eyebrows waxed. It's always amazing to me how such a small thing like that can make my eyes look so much more refined. It makes me happy - Yay for waxed eyebrows.

On the complexion front, things are going much better since I quit wearing Neutrogena's zits ahoy sunblock. Steaming my face each evening has helped a great deal, too. Now I'm pretty much just dealing with the scaring that's been left behind, which will eventually fade.
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