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Train rides

Today I bought the last of the train tickets I will need when roaming around Europe and made reservations at the hostel in Wroclaw. There was a minor problem with two of the train tickets, but hopefully that will be squared away in a day or two and I'll have everything ready to go. I've booked two overnight train rides - one is 8 hours long (from Prague to Wroclaw) and the other one is 7 (from Munich to Prague). I didn't feel like sacrificing entire days to train travel, so this way I'll just sleep through it.

I almost splurged and booked one of the sleeper compartments, but it was $180 and that's just way too much money. The dollar is so damn weak and everything is brutally expensive, so I'm trying to not overdo it with my spending. The reclining seat was only $56, and I remember sleeping really soundly in those train seats (big and roomy), so I don't think I'll have a problem this time around. I like sleeping on trains... it's so nice how they rock you back and forth. Plus there is a lounge car just in case I can't sleep and would rather lounge.

I loved having an enclosed compartment all to myself when I took the train from Wroclaw to Berlin last year. And I got some cheap thrills when the German and Polish army guys came banging on my door to check my passport at the border (Hello? Oh, Guten Morgen! Don't mind me in my little black nightie!) heh

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