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So I finally have gotten to see some of Brat 2! I've only gotten to see a little bit so far, but if it's slow tomorrow at work I'll finish it there.

I couldn't resist fast forwarding to the bar scene to see if I made it in or ended up on the cutting room floor, and to my great joy, I did!
This was way back when I still had my natural hair color, but that's me in my long black leather trench coat. I loved that coat:

The scenes at the Double Door are great to watch. I've been there so many times, used to live right around the corner from it, and it's incredible to see this movie taking place there. I remember they shot this scene in the afternoon, before the place opened, and I wanted to order a beer but they wouldn't serve anything until they opened in the evening (boo hoo).

I also remember the amazing spread of food they had downstairs for everyone to enjoy :)

It wasn't just me who got in the film, either - the girl with the short black hair on the right is my friend S. We were roommates back then:

And I know madresal was there too, but I wasn't able to spot her in the film. Then again I haven't really been able to watch the whole thing yet, so she might be in there. My boyfriend at that time was in a little part - he gets pushed aside by a bouncer. He was an asshole. Too bad he wasn't one of the people who gets blown away in the film. heh

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