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I'm staying in a hostel while I'm here in munich because it's only 17 euros a day, which is the really awesome part. Plus there is internet access here and it's open 24 hours with an awesomely friendly staff, and a bar that is open until 4am every night. They serve a great breakfast every morning for 3.50 euros, too. But there are some drawbacks to staying here. The mixed men and women in the rooms is a little strange to me. And having roommates that come and go at all hours can be annoying. Two girls shared my room last night and they got up at 5am, which basically got me up too because there was no way I could sleep while they puttered around getting ready to hit the road. They had enormous yellow back packs, several cameras, and spoke in serious tones. They were trying to be quiet, but there's only so much you can do when it's a small room like that. And then there was the snoring guy in his light green velour pajamas who was somehow able to sleep through it all. With him making all that extra noise I knew that even once the two girls had left I would never get back to sleep, so here I am at 6:48 am, awake and waiting for breakfast to begin. Yesterday was a similar experience (different people but same sort of ruckus), and I took a nap in the late morning so I wouldn't be so tired all day. But God the breakfast smells good. Nutella, hard rolls, cereal, fruit, coffee. Only five minutes to go. Mmmm

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