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Leaving Munich

My train for Prague is on schedule and leaving in three hours. This morning I went to the post office here in Munich and mailed home a box of things to take some weight off my burden. I kept my cameras despite being warned that the night train to Prague is full of master pick-pockets; I'll try my luck and keep my things close with half an eye open as I sleep.

It's 6pm here. I suppose I could get dinner, but I'm not really hungry yet. I had a little frosted cake that was in the shape of a ball this afternoon and it really filled me up. I suppose I'll go get a beer somewhere instead. I've been on my feet for the past five hours carrying everything I have with me on my back, and my feet are killing me, not to mention my whole legs which feel like they could give out at any moment.

I'm going to miss Bavaria. I've had an incredible time here, but onwards to the next adventure I must go.

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