Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Things I see (that are a little spooky)

Some gargoyles

A crumbling building in Kutna Hora, the cute little Czech town that wanted to swallow my soul:

A little house in Kutna Hora:

And here are couple window displays from Prague that made me laugh. 
A little granny:

And a little devil:

Wroclaw has been the nicest, most relaxing leg of my journey so far. Just being here makes me so happy. Everyone is friendly and it is no where near as congested as the other cities have been. Prague was amazing, but Wroclaw is really more my style; quiet, beautiful, and a little bit out of the way.

Last night I hung out with maggreenwoman, who is exceptionally cool, and it was great to finally meet her in person. She showed me around town, into the old areas, and told me all the myths and legends associated with various buildings and landmarks. We had dinner at a wonderful little place that served traditional food: I had potato pancakes with goulash and red cabbage (omg so good) and we had a sweet beer-like drink that was served warm. From there we went to Mleczarnia Pub (in the old Jewish area)  to hang out and talk. We got beers with sweet juice, which was very good - there was raspberry and ginger, and I got the ginger. The place was dark and strange with a tall whit taper candle on each of the little round tables, jewish music playing, and an old water pump in the middle of the walkway. I had a great time, and M walked me back to my hostel before it got too late. I got to bed at a reasonable hour and let myself sleep in, trying to make up for the lost night spent on the train. Incidentally, maggreenwomantold me that there are buses that travel much faster, cheaper and easier than the trains here do. None of my stupid guide books mentioned that! But it's great to know for future reference: do NOT take the train. Take the bus. 

I got up this morning and headed out with my cameras, walking all over town taking photographs. The weather was great here today - cool and cloudy - perfect for halloween. Tomorrow I have to be up really early to make my 9:10am flight back to Frankfurt, and will celebrate Halloween there. I don't know if I'll go out to the clubs or anything - I'm feeling pretty low-key after all this intese travel. I'll go out and have a drink somewhere, but I probably won't stay out all night or anything - that's for people who had to work all week and have all sorts of pent up energy. Although you never know, I might catch a second wind ;)

It's hard to face the fact that my vacation is coming to an end. I will be flying back to the States on Friday.
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