Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Woke up at 5am and laid in the dark for an hour and a half before admitting I was never going to get back to sleep and got up. Stupid restless leg syndrome, I really needed the sleep. 

I'm taking a walk over to my favorite thrift store this morning when the shops open. I feel like perusing (but not really buying) junk. It's fun to me in the same sort of way that going to a museum is fun, except there are no plaques or signs so my mind makes up stories, fills in the blanks. Then I'm going to come back here and work on the painting until I pass out, which could be sooner rather than later due to lack of sleep.

Last night after we returned from Thanksgiving dinner with my family, O and I lay silently digesting until he said, "want to hang the curtains?" and so we did. Green velvet, hung on a heavy black bar with round ball finials. I also hung up my Bavarian antlers. My apartment is starting to look a little unusual but that's alright. It just means it's starting to feel like home (as opposed to a place where I store all my crap).

I still need to hang a shelf and put up some coat hooks, but I can do that today or tomorrow. Onward to the thrift store!

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