Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Age when...

Fell in love? 19.
Got a MySpace account? 32.
Got drunk? 19.
Smoked weed? 18.
Got french kissed? 14.
Went to the hospital for surgery? Never.
Got your heart broken badly? 25.
Lost a pet? 23.
Got arrested? Never.
Smoked a cigarette? 18.
Broken a bone? 18.
Went to a concert? 18.
Got your own cell phone? 27.
Got a speeding ticket? Never.
Ran away? Never. And now it would just be weird.
Snuck out of the house? Never.
Pierced other than your ears? 23.
Got a tattoo? Never.
Bought porn? Never.
Totaled a car? Never.
Moved out of your parents house? 18.
Had a kid? Never.
Got married? Never.
How old are you now? 34.
Tags: meme

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