Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Igielna Street

I worked on the painting some more today. It's coming along - might even be finished before the end of the year. I've focused primarily on the right side lately, so I should switch gears and bring the left side up to speed. Still haven't put a color layer over the white van, but that can wait.

I took the motor out of my gramophone this afternoon and lugged it over to Timekeepers on Belmont for the clock makers to look at. The man there told me it would be no problem to fix, and that I should call tomorrow for an estimate. He opened it up while I was standing there and told me that not only did the spring need replacing, but that the regulator was also shot, so he'll be fixing that as well. God it'll be nice to have the thing working again.
Tags: gramophone, painting

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