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Xtreme Cold

I wore the new hairpiece out last night and it worked really well. Like other pieces I've tried in the past I had expected it to come loose halfway through the night but I was lucky this time and it stayed in place. Here is me with it still in when I got back home at 2am (and Optimated):

Nice smirk.
It's fairly seamless and I think it's a good length, too. Any longer would sort of scream FAKE, although I still think it would be fun to have a really long hairpiece.

Well, it's 3°F (-16°C) here in Chicago today and I'm holed up inside painting. I've been silk screening a white cooling tower for the past hour, layer after layer, trying to get the paint really thick so it's completely opaque. I'll probably do some more electric mixer experiments, too.

I might go for a walk. There's a European market a couple miles from me and I want to try to make it over there. *Try* is the key word in that sentence. I'm actually wondering how far I will get before I break down and either turn back or hail a cab. Should be interesting to find out. Last night was cold - breathing through my mouth was like licking an icicle. It's hard to believe that today it's 20° colder still.

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