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I did some more experimenting with paint this afternoon. I like the way this one came out:

I used high-gloss grey enamel and matte white latex paint. I love the way the enamel flowed and dripped. I will have to invest in some good quality paper soon. The Kraft paper I'm using is garbage, and these experiments are coming out really nice. It's a shame they're on such poor paper.

I also finished this cooling tower piece today. The orange sky/background has a coat of resin on it which makes it extremely smooth and shiny - that's why you can see the faint reflection of me and my tripod taking this photograph:

The white cooling tower and splatter are matte.

I went out for a new drop cloth around 3:30pm and didn't come back home until 6. The cold wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, so I went for a long walk. I got the drop cloth and a great shade of blue "oops" paint at Home Depot on Halstead and then wandered up to Lincoln. On the way I checked in on my gramophone at the repair shop and the guys toldme it'll be ready in a week. I also walked all the way to the Paulina Market only to find that they had closed fifteen minutes prior. SO UNFAIR.

When I got back home I gesso-ed over an old painting and laid down some thick glazes, first a purple glaze, and then a blue glaze. It'll take a day or two to dry, so I have some time to plan my next steps. And relax. And warm up. Oh! And put my laundry in the dryer...
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