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Things have been going pretty well lately. The weather has been horrible (slush, ice, grauple, sleet, rain, snow) but I've still managed to keep walking to and from work. I've been painting in the evenings, working on a small freelance design project, watching episodes of "Heimat" while I eat dinner, and playing some World of Warcraft in the odd hours.

I've got some great ideas for a new set of paintings that I've begun preliminary work on. I have one experiment in progress, but mostly I'm still thinking things through, trying to develop a game plan so I can write a decent artist statement this time around. I want to create a real series this time, rather than a whole bunch of separately concepted paintings that have little in common aside from the fact that they are all paint applied to canvas.

Also, a couple buyers have expressed interest in making purchases. The Shovel piece and my new abstract painting may soon be off my hands, which is nice. I like them both and it'll be sad to see them go, but 'm drowning in paintings and it'll be good to free up some wall space.

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