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I asked my department head about the giant pay check and if payroll made a mistake or if I should be celebrating and he was all "Oh My God no one told you???" We both laughed pretty hard. He assured me that it wasn't a mistake and that I could keep the money.

Today I celebrated my big raise by going to Aldi and saving a ton of money on food staples and household goods (40 lbs of stuff! I weighed myself with my backpack on when I got home hehehe). 'Cause I'm no millionaire yet, you know? Next week I plan to buy a new mac book pro, and it's going to cost me $4K (I need the extra memory and the extra hard drive space, the bigger screen, etc, so that's why it'll be so insanely expensive). I've been saving up for it since I got back from Europe and finally have enough dough set aside to buy it. O's going to inherit the old machine, also a mac book pro, but 4.5 years old and too obsolete to do the heavy graphics stuff I need it for. O's going to be so happy to get this old mac. He's been waiting patiently for it for years and I can tell he's really excited. This machine will be perfect for him, all he needs it for is internet access and word processing.

And now I've just enjoyed my one hour of down-time, sitting here at the computer.
Now I must clean my apartment, and then get dolled up and head out to Neo!

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