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Work pary

So looks like there's no way out of the department party. Because of this I'm going to have to come in to work tomorrow to finish up things that won't be gotten to today. Why couldn't they just give us $50 and the afternoon off? I would appreciate it a lot more.

I like a good clean division between my work and personal life, and these office parties rub me the wrong way. But at least I look good; I wore a short black cocktail-type dress paired with gray jeans and an off-white cropped corduroy jacket with tall boots. With the fur coat I look MA-valous.

But yeah, I'll be coming in to work tomorrow because they're busing us all out of here at noon and I still don't have any of the assets I need for the thing that needs to go out first thing on Monday morning. So tomorrow is shot.

I ate a piece of dark chocolate before I left the house this morning and I got really nauseous and headache-y for about an hour (ok, not the breakfast of champions). I'm thinking that maybe even the tiny amount of caffeine in chocolate may be doing me in. Yes, this sucks. No chocolate, no coffee, no tea. But at least I can still drink BEER.

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