Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Odds and ends

I've been working on a redesign of my art web site. I built the current site in Flash, so it looks fabulous but is a complete pain in the ass to update, especially at the rate that I'm producing new art. The new site is far simpler, and I'm building it in html so updates will be quick and painless. It's a little less glitzy, but it gets to the point, and the artwork will hopefully be easier to view.

My first German class a couple days ago went well. The teacher seemed very dour, maybe even a little Karl Lagerfeld-ish in her outlook, but the other students seemed like really fun people, so I had a good time. It was great being able to practice what I know, and the hour and a half class seemed to go by really quickly. There's a LOT of homework, though. I'll have to work some study time into my schedule so I can stay on top of everything.

I was going to work on my painting last night but I couldn't find my T-square. I haven't used it since design school (10 years ago!), so I wouldn't be surprised if I tossed it before I moved to my current apartment, but I could have sworn I still had it. I tore apart my place looking for it. So tonight on my walk home I'm going to have to pick up a new one. Of course, I'll probably find the old one under a tarp or on a high shelf in a few months, because that is just the Way Of Things.

I leave for Germany in a week from today! Sadly, it's going to be a shorter trip than originally planned; now we're flying in to Frankfurt on the 8th and then immediately driving to Leipzig, where our hotel is. I've got a million little errands I need to run and should probably make a list so I don't forget anything (get 4 0z. bottles for shampoo/conditioner, new socks, fix boots, fix pants, get hair done, eyebrows, blah blah blah). So Leipzig from the 9th through the 12th, and then up to Berlin for a few days (YAY). I'll be flying back home on the 15th.

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