Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

New nephew, scattered documents

My brother called me this evening to let me know that I have a brand new nephew - YAY! His name is Charlie and he is all normal and 7 pounds and some-odd ounces. I'll have to go meet him when I get back from Wave Gotik Treffen.
I'd been searching for hours for my Social Security card (omg I live in a two room studio, wtf, how do I lose things here), going through box after bag after binder after drawer, finding a lot of other crap but not the card, when I thought to myself, "well, at least I know where my passport is, thank God." And just to reassure myself of this, I stood up and went to go get it. But it wasn't in it's place - the drawer where I always keep it - and my whole apartment was already torn apart from me looking for my Social Security card. Fuck! I rummaged frantically. I found my birth certificate, which was ironic because it's been lost for a few years now, but there was still no sign of the passport. I began to react badly, shaking and my heart pounding, repeatedly trying to tell myself, "oh, it's around here somewhere, don't panic," but to absolutely no avail. Of course then I found it; it was in my bag, where I had put it this morning so I would have it for my trip. I was thinking ahead. Yay Sarah you go girl.

All in all the treasure hunt was a success. I found TWO long lost copies of my birth certificate, my passport, and Yes! even my Social Security card, which was exactly where it was supposed to be, but was stuck to the side of the drawer where I couldn't see it hiding. I know I'm supposed to have a Special Place for things like these, and maybe now that I've found everything I can actually do that (although it would be completely out of character). Change is good, I suppose.

Well, I'm about half packed. Two pairs of tall black boots stand perfectly shined and scotch guarded beside my suitcase, and I've got all sorts of mini travel sized things sitting out on the table. Now, what I need most of all is a good night's sleep. Tomorrow there will be more packing, I'm going to pick up my striped pants from the tailor, clean up my apartment and then hit the road.

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