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I finally finished it! I put down the beige stripes last night and cleaned it up this morning. There are a zillion layers to this thing, and about six coats of resin. On to the next project! I've got the new canvas built all except for the cross braces; once those are nailed into place I can begin.

Yesterday I went out shopping for some new summery things to replace various worn out summer things from last year. I was so good while I was in Germany with not buying anything because of the weak dollar that I'm giving myself a green light to get some new things now that I'm back home. So yesterday I got a yellow shirt, a head-band thing for my hair and a new pair of sunglasses (the old pair fell apart a week ago and I've been squinting in the sun ever since). Really what I need is a new pair of sandals. Non of my summer shoes fit well and I don't want to end up wearing tall leather boots in 90 degree weather yet AGAIN. My feet have a hard time with flip flops (they don't stay on my feet) and I sort of Massively Hate the whole flip flop look anyway. Maybe I'll just get a fun pair of Adidas or something. I don't know. I love boots but I don't really understand shoes so much. Maybe this is the year I will learn how to wear shoes.

I'm going to go out for a bit and find somewhere to study for my German class. I made a zillion flash cards to help me learn which article (der die or das) goes with which noun and I've been quizzing myself over and over. Maybe in the park where I won't bother people while I practice saying things out loud. Plus I want to doodle in my notebook and drink some tea. So maybe I will go to the park first and then a cafe. Yeah.

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