Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Some Treffen Photos

Some of my Leipzig posse: Sandra, Sandy and Jörg:

Sandy (in the middle) was my partner in crime and the perfect travel-mate. Sandra and Jörg are some Swiss friends of Sandy's and were sooo cool. I wished to God I could speak better German because Sandra didn't speak more than a couple words in English. Hopefully by the time next year's Treffen rolls around I'll have improved my German skillz.

I was able to meet meathiel (on the left) and her friends briefly. They were all super cool:

One morning as the others slept in I sat out at a cafe with a weissbier and watched people (I'm always way too pumped to let jet lag affect me much).

Everyone was dressed up - it was great! The whole city was taken over by people in their finest black attire.

And the shows were incredible. This is the main hall, totally packed on Saturday night for the Mexican "aggrotech" band Hocico:

I'd never heard of them before (industrial music from Mexico?? who knew), but they were really amazing.

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