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I'm a fashion don't

This week has been very slow for me at work. That's cool, it's better than last week when we were slammed and I had to be here 'round the clock, but I do get really bored. I walked my Chicago Art Open application over to the CAC office and dropped it off. It feels good to have that over with. The cool thing about this year's show is that they've switched the venue - it was originally scheduled to be held on the South side in the middle of no where, but now they've announced that it's going to be held at the Merchandise Mart, which is INFINITELY cooler.

I've been enjoying I find their fashion Do's and Don'ts highly amusing. They've got some great webcasts, too. I watched a half hour piece on Norwegian Death Metal which was pretty awesome. Yes, I am being productive.

I started a couple paintings last night and I'm all antsy to get back to them. I bet the enamel's dry by now.

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