Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

The Chicago Art Open

I just heard back from the Chicago Art Open: I'll be in the show again this year!
The curators chose this one:

So those of you in/near/coming to Chicago, mark your calendars:
CHICAGO ART OPEN BENEFIT: October 3, 6-10PM at the Merchandise Mart in River North. It's something like $20 for the general public. You can learn more here, and I'll post reminders as the date draws near.

I've been in the show twice in the past, and both times they had a huge catered buffet and TONS of wine. They always have some kind of strange entertainment, too. Last year it was random belly dancers weaving through the crowd, and the year before that it was a punk rock marching band. The REALLY great thing about this year's show is that it's at a great location, right down in the loop.

In other news, my performance review is in two and a half hours  O.o
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