Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Online personas vs. Work

There are a number of people on my friends list who are or at one point have been concerned about what might happen if people they work discovered their online personas/journals/photos. I have known people who have deleted their LJ accounts because they took a job where the fear of discovery was so great that they just felt that destroying their online self was the safest route to take (I'm thinking of a therapist who was worried that her clients would discover her journal and see how messed up SHE was). And I totally get that. If my source of income was threatened by my online antics I would pull the plug too, or at least put a far more professional face on my online presence.

But my profession is actually one where it's completely permitted, if not encouraged, to be different (thank God!). I work in advertising as an art director, and have free reign to look as nuts-o as I want, and no one cares what I do on my own time as long as I continue to do good work. Just about everyone I work with has seen the gasmask movie* I shot last summer, and everyone else has seen my art site. It was in part because of my art site that I got called in for an interview at my current job. So they KNEW what they were getting into when they asked me if I'd like to work there. They'd seen all the guns and skeletons.

I'd be pretty bummed if I couldn't put my art online for fear of losing my job.
Cheers to everyone who bravely posts, in spite of it all.

* I posted a short and long version, and when the number of views is combined the video has been seen 22,066 times. It kinda blows my mind.

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