Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

I just got back from having dinner and drinks with my friend Sandy and a couple of her relatives from Germany who are here visiting the States. I had a great time - I can understand so much of what they're saying! The accelerated German class I took has really helped me, and was totally worth the extra effort. Now I just need to talk my head off in German every chance I get so I can speak it as well as understand it. Strange how the two don't really go hand in hand. I feel like a toddler who understands most of what the adults are saying; I know how to say a word or two, but I need to work on stringing them together to form sentences.

I had a couple big weissbiers over the course of the night, and only now when I get home do I realize that smoking a cigarette didn't even occur to me once. I've come a long way, baby.

This morning I was at the dentist again, getting my teeth cleaned. I'm having a cavity filled on the 8th of September, and then I'm going to set up an appointment to get fitted for veneers. Sucks that I'm going to need SIX teeth replaced, but they would all need replacing anyway, and I have the cash. I have a mouth that likes to eat gold.

sounds like a james bond movie. golden mouth. lol

My friend gothic_rebecca  is having surgery tomorrow so she's in my thoughts. Rebecca, I know everything's going to go well, and my heart is there with you. Courage! You'll be back dancing at Neo before you know it, wearing the red corset and looking so amazing.

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