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Ich habe Sachen gesehen

I'm not normally all into motorcycles, but this one had me transfixed. There were little red LED lights highlighting the rims and various nooks & crannies along the sides. It looked extremely futuristic and I wondered who had left it there with all the lights on like that. A drain on the battery, I would imagine, but mesmerizing, too. Half of me screamed "Show-off!" and the other half screamed "Neat-O!"

This made me giggle. I pass this fountain every day on my walk to work, and on this particular day someone had thrown soap into the water. YAY bubble baths for all!!!!

I went down to Pilsen today to check out all the galleries and studios. There's a girl in the Lofts building that I talked to at length; turns out she did a hand modeling gig last week at the advertising agency where I work. She was in a commercial we shot, too. Anyway, doing acting and modeling is how she finances her artist lifestyle. Funny how we both sell our souls to advertising so we can be fine artists on the side.

I went to about 10 different galleries and studios. I think the highlight of the day was a creepy/strange/awesome video art piece done by a guy from St. Louis. His piece reminded me a lot of my own work, so of course I had to pick his brain ;)

Then I went exploring. I found a huge warehouse filled with used hotel furniture and furnishings. Five stories of dusty crap. It was amazing to behold, almost like one big giant art installation, or something in a dream. I kept thinking about all the countless people who had slept on the beds and used the drawers. It was kind of creepy. This is the corner that had all the drapes:

Yeah. That's a lot of drapes.
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