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I hate being sick because of the crushing boredom it brings. This weekend I found myself with the beginnings of a sinus infection, so rather than aggravate it by overexerting myself I generally took it easy. Waking up on Saturday morning at 7am without a hangover was nice.

But I couldn't stand the thought of sitting inside all day, so I went out walking. I went down to my old neighborhood, Ukrainian Village, as I've been considering a move back to that side of town; the rents are cheaper over there and I need more space. I'm becoming overrun by paintings, and it would be nice to have an actual bedroom for a change. I want exactly what no one else seems to; I want everything vintage, no perks (except for laundry), and I want to be on a main street. Gimme rattling windows, radiator heat and separate taps for hot and cold. I'm thinking somewhere along Grand between Halsted and Damen, maybe a converted storefront or above a shop. Chicago Avenue has become so trendy in the short time since I lived there.

Walking up Milwaukee Avenue I found a beautiful vintage red crushed velvet coat at US#1 for $80. It was so vividly red that it seemed to vibrate. Of course I had to have it. I also found a great bowler hat.

I've been working on three paintings simultaneously. One requires sunlight for color correctness, while the other two do not. So yesterday during the day I worked on the oil painting, and then when the sun set I worked on the other two. I finished one of the night paintings; I hated it so much because it was boring, so I decided I would destroy it and start fresh. But before I took the canvas off I thought it would be neat to see what it would look like if I were to rip giant areas off of the surface, so I set about ripping and tearing, and now I like it.

The other painting, the one I was sure would turn out great I had technical problems with. The layer beneath had never dried properly, so when I tore into it the painting bled fluorescent red drips all over the place. I felt horrible, like I had just murdered it.

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