Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Happy Solstice

Yesterday, knowing that the dread chill temperatures were going to arrive within hours, I got in a Zipcar and stocked up on groceries and household goods so I wouldn't have to trudge around in the bitter temperatures today. But despite the fact that yesterday was warmer, there was snow everywhere and coming down endlessly. I SLID more than I Zipped, and more than once I got caught in a patch of snow that I had to work my way out of. I had reserved the car for 3 hours but returned it after 2 because driving conditions were so bad. (I didn't get to go to the art supply store, but I didn't REALLY need new boards and canvas yet anyway; I have plenty to work on until the air warms up a bit.)

Today the snow has stopped, but it is -5F/-20C with brutal winds. I'm glad I don't need to go outside for anything, although I'm already feeling restless. Maybe I will dress up like an astronaut and go for a walk; I still need to finish my Christmas shopping.

Speaking of Christmas shopping. Every time I go out shopping for gifts I buy more gifts for myself than for other people. It's ridiculous. Sadly, I have fewer people to shop for this year. My grandmother is no longer with us, and my uncle has opted to stay in North Carolina over the holidays. Christmas Eve dinner will be a small afternoon meal with my immediate family, after which I will head home.

My brother is having Christmas morning/day festivities at his house featuring his family and many of his wife's relatives. I think I'm going to go. I think it would be fun to see all the kids running around like a herd of animals, playing with their new toys. Plus my brother mentioned something about there being a lot of mulled wine for the adults (or something like that). YAY
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