Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

The Fainting Couch

This time I really am going to get it.

I haven't stopped wanting it since the day I had to ship it back, two years ago.
Back then (when I first moved here) I had just gotten a giant bed, and the fainting couch wouldn't fit in here. Thank God it's still available - now in red, too. I'm totally getting it in red.

My self two years ago is freakishly jealous of my present/future self, and it feels kind of awesome.

I bought five boxes at the UPS store and was scandalized by the price: $20 (!!!). wtf are they made of gold?? Ok, maybe not gold. Copper. Are they made of copper??
I'm going to have to become resourceful and find a source of cheaper boxes or they're going to wind up costing me more than the damn movers. I will inquire at work in the mail room, in receiving, and on the 9th floor where odds and ends (like empty boxes) seem to accumulate.

For now I will use my pricey hoity toity boxes to pack my books.

Also, I am sick. boo.


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