Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

I haven't painted anything new since December, when I finished this:

The Strange Attractor, 21"x37"

Since then I've been designing & building W's website and working long hours at my job. Now the site is finished and my job has eased up, but because I'm moving in less than three weeks I can't really start any new paintings. I'll deal.

This will all change once I'm in my new studio. I plan to get a couple saws so I can start building my own canvases from scratch and stop buying pre-cut $tretcher bars, which will save me a ton of cash over time. I think I spent $1000 on stretcher bars alone last year, so the saws should pay themselves off pretty quickly.

I talked to the people at my neighborhood grocery store and they told me that Friday morning would be a good time to stop by to pick up some boxes. And Tomorrow evening I'm going to stop by the Liquor store to scavenge some there, too. I called the movers and set up a time, so now I just need to have everything all boxed up and ready to go by March 1st.

I guess I should start calling utility companies and stuff. That's the part that sucks, all the minor details. Filling out change of address forms. Busywork. 
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