Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Packing: almost complete!

I dipped out of work for an hour this afternoon to go get the keys to my new place. And of course, once I had them I immediately ran down the street to my door to get inside. I walked around, exploring the place for a few minutes. There are shelves everywhere, and tons of random storage space. The place felt like home 100x more than my current home, and this evening when I left work I thought to myself, "I have the keys, it's mine now...I could just go there instead." But no, I went back to the sea of boxes and the endless job of placing my things inside of them.

I called a maid service to arrange for my (soon to be) ex-home to be cleaned, but they wanted $120 minimum, which didn't sit right with me. It's only two rooms, and I'm not some kind of toxic slob who's never known a broom or a bottle of Tilex. This is not squalor. It's a little dusty in the closet and behind some of the furniture, but for the most part I keep this place in good shape. So I'll just come back after the move and do what I've got to do to make this place sparkle.

And secretly? Deep down inside? I kind of enjoy cleaning.

Tomorrow morning I think I'll get in a Zipcar and transport the really delicate stuff - the top hat, the gramophone, the fur coats. We'll see.

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