Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Signs of Life

I'm all moved in and it feels SO GOOD. The move went off without a hitch; everything got here in one piece, including myself.

I emailed a gallery here in Chicago yesterday; they're a couple blocks from my new space, and I invited them to come over for a studio visit. W keeps telling me my work should be making money, so I'm putting that theory to the test. Com'mon Chicago, you want some art? I got some art.

It's cool having such a nice space. In the past I was always too embarrassed to invite galleries over for a studio visit; my place was too pathetic. But now? This place is the SHIT. Galleries: Come Visit Me.

When I haven't been here unpacking boxes I've been spending time over at W's. My new home may be awesome, but his warehouse still blows my studio away, lol

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