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Last night when I went to brush my teeth I found that my water had been shut off.

I immediately worried that perhaps I had wrongly assumed water was paid for by my building. I hadn't even thought about it when I signed my lease; the last time I had to pay for water was back when I was in college, living in an old house with a bunch of roommates. I looked at my lease but was too tired to comprehend it, so I set everything aside to deal with in the morning.

My water was on when I got up, so I took a shower and brushed my teeth. It was super nice to be able to flush the toilet and have it work. But by the time I was styling my hair the water was off again. My hands were sticky with styling product and I had to wipe it off with a towel.

I read my lease and found that I am not responsible for water, which was a relief because it means that my water situation is someone else's problem. YAY

So I went to the building management office and asked them about it, and the girl in the office told me that a water main had broke, and that it should be fixed by early this afternoon. I also got a key to the laundry room from her because I need to do laundry Big Time.

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