Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

The Fainting Couch

I stayed home from work to wait for UPS to deliver the fainting couch.

It came around 3pm, and I immediately set to work assembling it. It was really easy to do, but as I did so I could see how cheaply made the thing was; particle board, foam cushioning and staples. And once it was built I found the seat was uncomfortably high for me, and not so comfortable to sit on either. In fact, it was pretty much just as uncomfortable as my old settee, maybe even more so.

I felt cross and frustrated, so I went out for a walk. I walked all the way up to the Jayson Home & Garden store on Clybourne and plopped down on the Amalfi sofa. Yeah, I've had my eye on the Amalfi sofa for a while now but just told myself NO it is too expensive for someone like me to own. I'll just spill solvent on it and fingerprint it with a million shades of accidental color. But then it occurred to me that yes, I'm more than able to afford it, I just tell myself that I can't because...I don't really know why I tell myself I can't afford things. Probably because of my spartan upbringing.

But I am a sensible person. So rather than jumping up and waving my wallet around I instead pumped the sales people to find out when the couch is going to be on sale, for how much, and when the floor samples are going on sale and for how much.

I've spent the evening dissassembling the fainting couch, wrapping up the parts and pieces, and getting it ready to ship back to the manufacturer. I thought it would be an awful task, but it's actually been far easier than it was putting it together, and honestly, I couldn't be happier to see it go.


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