Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Fk'n UPS never showed up for the pick-up I scheduled with them. The fainting couch is all boxed up and ready to go, and I'm itching to have it out of here, but if they don't show it won't go. Oh well.

I put a tarp down and built a canvas frame, my first declaration of creative intent in the new space. I've been picking up quarts of paint at the Home Depot on North Avenue, continuing to augment my color selection, and today I picked up two more. I must have more than 50 quarts of paint by now. Almost a full library of shades. The colors all have silly names, names like Timber Wolf and Candy Apple.

I hammered away and drilled away at my canvas frame, and it's solid now. I'm too exhausted to put the canvas on, but that'll be tomorrow's deal. Funny, now I can hear my neighbor in the storefront next to mine hammering away. I suspect that my neighbor is also a painter, and am curious to meet him/her. It would be cool to have a painter neighbor. Instead of running over to borrow a cup of sugar I could run over to borrow a cup of paint thinner or a spoonful of cadmium yellow medium.

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