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I have my lights back on now - it was kind of rough having them out for an entire hour. I ought to have more candles than I do.

Got a hair cut this afternoon.

Also got some new duds, a pair of black high-rise skinny jeans, which looked surprisingly good on me, and a pair of actual shoes - FLATS, actually. I haven't worn flats since I was in high school. I've been strictly a boot girl for the past five or so years but I'm trying to break the habit, so every now and then I get myself a pair of shoes in the hopes that I will actually wear them. Wearing the flats and the skinny jeans I kind of looked like a blond Audrey Hepburn. Having my shirt tucked in made me look really skinny.

I try to keep up with trends if they're flattering to me. The whole empire waist/flowing tunic fad just made me look like I was a boobless woman expecting a baby, so I massively hated that style, and THANK GOD it's on the way out.
(It is, isn't it? I really hope so, it was so nasty.)

When I was in high school there was this one woman janitor who you could tell by sight had graduated in the late 70's. Now, I have nothing against people who graduated in the late 70's, but if you still dress like you did the year you graduated from high school, there's a problem. I remember looking at this particular janitor with her feathered hair, blue eyeshadow and bell-bottom pants and cringing inside. It was then that I swore to myself that no matter what my age, I would duly note fashions and adapt them to fit my style, no matter how attached I was to a particular look or trend.

Because I'd rather people be able to tell my age by my "laugh lines" than my hemlines, you know? No time-warp, thank you very much.

I'm staying in tonight, and going to get a full eight hours of sleep, starting.... really soon. W is sick with a cold, and so are several people I work with, so I figure I should take it easy or I'll be joining them all in the Kleenex synphony. It hasn't been such a boring evening, though - I got a lot of painting done.

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