Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Chemical burns, chicken burgers and bicycles

I have a hair bleach appointment today after work. Having white(er) hair always makes me feel good. I'm going to a different salon these days because I get superior results there, although the woman who works on me always asks probing questions. Time at the salon should be spent in quiet reflection as the chemicals strip away my hair color and blister my scalp, not fielding questions about my personal life and how I spend my free time.

I've been working on two paintings at once. I've been waiting since Sunday night for the alkyd glaze I put down on the large one to dry; on Tuesday I was bored and it occurred to me that rather than sit waiting I could actually begin a second piece, so I built a canvas and set to work. Having the space to work on multiple pieces a luxury I'm still trying to wrap my head around, and makes the extra rent I pay for my new studio SO extremely worth it.

I ate salads for dinner all winter long and I'm so over it. I have a tendency to eat the same thing over and over for months until one day I snap and can't eat another bite of it. So in a quest for new flavors, I've been exploring some of the wonderful options that Trader Joe has to offer. The BBQ chicken pizza and the turkey sausage stromboli have been good. Also of note have been the chili lime chicken burgers, which are especially good when paired with guacamole.

I got a bike. I got a nice bike. I went to the bike shop a while back and test-rode a bunch of different bikes, all different brands and price points, to see what the differences were and get a feel for what I wanted. I learned a lot in the process, and can now understand why some bikes are more expensive than others. And I thought about it for a few days and came to the decision that I didn't want a cheap bike, I wanted a good bike. So I went ahead and got the bike I wanted. I'm hoping that maybe this weekend it will be nice enough out to take it out for a spin; I'm still trying to get used to the basket peddles, so I think I might just tool around on the side streets near my studio a bit before I try going on a ride of any real length. I rode over to W's studio last weekend (before the snow hit) and had some difficulty getting my toes in the baskets, but from all accounts this is something that will soon become second nature.


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