Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Saturday morning

I puttered around with paint this morning in the early morning light. There's really nothing better than getting up early on a Saturday or Sunday; everyone is still asleep and the world is bright and quiet.

I did some work on a red and aqua painting. I've been working away at it in little nibbles for a while now, but I think my efforts are going to become more concentrated.

I've started building a couple 20"x20" inch canvases. Everyone is telling me I need to make some smaller work, so I'm trying to oblige. My paintings may not be anywhere near as large as W's, but they're big enough that you'd have to have a fair amount of space to hang them.

There's a second gallery interested in showing my work, and I'm waiting to hear back if they want to come visit my studio or if I should bring a couple pieces over to where they are. They viewed the work on my web site and thought it was great, but before they agree to a show they want to see it in person, which is understandable. It would be infinitely easier for me if they would come to my studio, but if they really want me to lug my paintings over to them I will. Thankfully, they're near where I live.

Yesterday I had a great day with W. We rode our bikes out to the toy store (my nephew is turning 4!) and then over to Whole Foods under a dark sky that threatened to open up and down pour on us but never did. It was perfect.


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